Bilibili: A Catalyst for Sino-French Cultural Exchanges

PARIS, May 7, 2024  PRNewswire/ — This is a report from Xinhuanet:

With the ongoing evolution of the Internet and of social media landscapes, new opportunities for cultural exchanges between China and France have emerged. Bilibili, a leading youth culture community in China, is leveraging its platform to foster these cross-cultural interactions.

In an interview with ‘Paris Xiao Guo Guo’ (Guo Zhanglong), a reporter and a prominent Bilibili content creator who is attending a forum on the development of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and France in Paris, said, “As ‘Paris Xiao Guo Guo’, I utilize my channel on Bilibili to showcase not only the delights of Shanxi knife-shaved noodles but also interesting stories from France. In this digital age, I am honored to be instrumental in bringing cultural exchanges between China and France to life in a more vivid and authentic manner through the new media platform, Bilibili.”

On May 4, 'Paris Xiao Guo Guo' (Guo Zhanglong), a Bilibili content creator who is attending the forum on the development of people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and France in Paris, is interviewed by Xinhuanet.

Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of Bilibili, affirms that the Internet is a potent tool for the exchange of cultural ideas. He sees his platform as an essential accelerator in the spread of culture. Stressing the importance of youth in cultural innovation, Chen argues that it is vital for young people to engage in cultural exchanges that promote understanding, respect, and learning. He also stressed the importance of quality content in cultural dissemination, noting that Bilibili actively supports its content creators in producing excellent work and uses its advanced recommendation system to ensure that this content reaches a wide audience.

Guo Zhanglong, who arrived in France as an international student in 2011, has since established himself in Paris, where he and his family own several successful knife-shaved noodle restaurants.

Reflecting on a transformative experience in 2022, Guo said, “That year, we took the initiative to introduce traditional Shanxi knife-shaved noodles at a small food fair in France. Our stall quickly became an online sensation, celebrated for its distinctive flavor and genuine cultural engagement. We were more than pleased as we observed its transformation from a simple showcase into a dynamic venue for Chinese and French cultural fusion.

Mr. Guo noted, “Our videos serve not only as a chronicle of daily life but also as a bridge for cultural exchange. Every video we share and every interaction we engage in with our French friends contribute to deepening and enhancing the Sino-French cultural dialogue, while fostering a closer bond between us all.”

Looking to the future, particularly to later in 2024—an important year that marks the 60th anniversary of ChinaFrance diplomatic relations and coincides with the Paris Olympic Games—Guo is optimistic: “We aim to further expand our footprint and establish Chinese cuisine as a major player on the international stage. We are confident that, amid the surge in video content creation, more talented creators will join our ranks, and together, we will spearhead the globalization of Chinese culture.”

On the platform, vloggers like Paris Xiao Guo Guo showcase Sino-French exchanges through innovative storytelling techniques. Peng Jingxuan, an international student from China, captivates her audience with the retelling of her many academic and cultural adventures in France. It’s a unique blend of content that covers everything from local music and art to broader cultural practices and lifestyles, giving her audiences an opportunity to better understand the nuances of the French way of life.

Bilibili is also expanding its reach globally. By collaborating with overseas multi-channel network (MCN) agencies, the platform has attracted a diverse pool of international creators, including several French vloggers. The expansion not only enriches the platform’s content offerings, but also enhances its global footprint and influence.

Mr. Chen, the Bilibili CEO, highlighted the company’s ongoing effort to promote vibrant cultural exchanges across the global youth community and to advance the understanding of Chinese culture through a combination of innovation within the framework of tradition and the preservation of tradition through innovation. The platform places a strong emphasis on the quality of its content and on connecting with younger audiences, aiming to foster cultural evolution through its video-sharing technology.

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